Buy Equipment


Buy Equipment

Temple Heavy Equipment takes the pain out of finding a machine, contacting the seller, negotiating the deal and processing payment.

We understanding adding to your fleet can be a hassle.  What Temple Heavy Equipment does is pretty simple.  We locate heavy machinery and parts for sale.
We travel to the equipment, inspect, capture images and specifications and market the equipment for sale.  We pride ourselves on offering quality equipment at a quality price.  Why pay top retail price when you can buy it wholesale and save thousands?


We have simple steps for purchasing a piece of equipment.

  • Browse our  machinery.
  • Contact us to make an appointment to come see the machine, make an offer or get additional information about what you are interested in.
  • Make an offer, make a deal.  We’re reasonable!
  • Seal the deal with a simple payment.
  • We can help arrange for loading and freighting.

Need to buy equipment?  Contact us to set up an appointment time to run and inspect a machine.

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